Did I miss an issue?


Issues with milestone numbers tend to grab my attention.  I have recently picked up Spawn #200 as well as Iron Man #500.  The different being there has not been an Iron Man #1 through 500.  They relaunched it at least 4 times in that span.

I also recently bought Wolverine #900 so I was surprised when I saw issue 1000 this month.  The comic itself was not that bad, and the price was reasonable at $4.99 considering it was all new material with a high page count.  Some of the art was more suitable to MAD Magazine, but none of the stories were terrible.

DC tends to be more respectful of their titles and not relaunching for no reason, so Marvel slapping an issue 1000 on a comic that is just a one shot seems kind of silly.  With all the reboots Marvel has done because they like a new #1, it seem counterproductive to put a #1000 on a comic thinking it will sell better than having a #1.

I also bought Fantastic Four #588 this week which was the last issue of the series.  Something tells me they will have an issue #600 in a year without having any of the issues in between.

But DC does take the cake on this one, they had a bunch of issues hit 1 million about 12 years ago.

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